DSA Labs

We help turn your data into


DSA Labs is an open sandbox of analytics, guided by your intuition. What measurements define a great player?

You decide, and then see the results for yourself.

Build your roster

Set up a roster from scratch or import your team over from a service like TeamSnap. You can invite your players into the software and let them track their progress.

Create a data sandbox

Prepare datasets that matter to you, recording measurements straight from your phone with outcomes as simple as Success or Failure.


Your data entry feeds into the system real-time, curating analytics and player characteristics that matter to you.


Comprehensive analytics

Determine your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Our algorithms use your datasets to rank players and calculate their impact and compatibility.

Quick entry

Replace your clipboard with a data entry tool designed to easily assemble lineups and matchups.

Open access

Whether you are an athlete, a parent, or a coach, you can measure and track development as either the individual or for the team.

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