Gain a competitive advantage with StatLink


Leveraging data from multiple sources can be a logistical challenge. StatLink provides a one-stop-shop for all of your teams’ data. Integrate data from a variety of sources to produce a comprehensive analytical portrait of your team.


Deciding which skills to focus on in training is perhaps the most important coaching responsibility. StatLink provides a simple interface for organizing and even measuring your training sessions. Choose from our existing library of drills or create your own. Capture and analyze player performance in a way that is tailored to your team.


Effective player development starts with understanding and monitoring player ability in all aspects of the game. Capture individual player performance trends, discover key areas for improvement, monitor fitness for injury prevention or rehabilitation. Help your players reach their full potential with StatLink’s comprehensive analysis toolbox.


StatLink makes understanding performance simple. Explore your teams’ data using a variety of analysis techniques. Learn team strengths and weaknesses. Find your most successful player combinations. Track improvement in core team characteristics. Let StatLink provide you the knowledge to build a winning program.

StatLink Software Turns Data into Decisions

DSA StatLink software provides an unprecedented level of insight into your teams’ performance, helping you make winning decisions. Whether you’re choosing line-ups, developing your players’ skills, or choosing points of emphasis in training, let StatLink make your job easier