Manage Your Data

StatLink provides players a simple, easy-to-use platform for storing their most important performance data. Whether it’s coaching evaluations, fitness tracking, or video clips, we provide players the tools to manage any source of available data.

Track Your Progress

The ability to measure and track improvement is a critical piece of player development. StatLink software provides you a clear picture of both strengths and weaknesses in a number of key areas and allows you to monitor your progress over time. Instant feedback from training and games lets you focus your efforts and more quickly reach your athletic potential.

Develop Your Brand

Today’s athletes need to manage their careers both on and off the field. StatLink makes it easy to leverage your training, your performances, and your data to your advantage! Build and manage your digital athletic profile, share key stats. & video clips, and showcase your skills.


Every athlete possesses a unique combination of abilities that sets them apart. Highlight and share your unique talents with the StatLink platform. We allow you to customize how you manage and use data. Whether your focus is improving performance or managing your digital athletic profile, let StatLink translate your hard work on the field into recognition.