The Team


DSA began as a simple effort among friends to better understand the “beautiful game”.  Each of us played collegiately and, despite ultimately pursuing other careers (Business, Math/Physics, Education, and Computer Science), continue to stay involved as avid fans and coaches.

As we progressed in our coaching, we found a number of services aimed at data collection, but nothing that focused on drawing useful conclusions from the data that would aid our coaching decisions.  In response, we set out to develop a mathematical framework for using available data to improve the way we identify and develop talent as well as our teams’ performance on the field.

The result is the DSA web application which combines a sophisticated statistical inference engine with a simple, easy-to-use interface.  We leverage multiple sources of data in our modeling approach to address some of the biggest coaching challenges, including: talent identification, forecasting player ability, making line-up decisions, performing cognitive assessments, and ultimately, predicting game performance.

In short, we believe that data alone are insufficient to improve sports performance. Knowing how to use data is the key to a competitive advantage! 



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Knowing how to use the data is the key to a competitive advantage!